Sunday, January 31, 2010

Future Use

There are so many applications for the amount of things we have been exposed to in such a short time. I know I am not really into the "net" culture of my generation. To be honest up until this course began I felt like the majority of it was a waste of time. I have always felt this way. At 33 plenty of other things can occupy my time before I think of the net.

As this class has unfolded, I have begun to realize I was being narrow minded. Most of these sites/functions of the net are actually things that can simplify my life. As I touched on earlier these various sites/features can be used to my advantage. I think there are always so many changes and it happens so quickly that I will never fully be able to implement all of these things or stay fully current. I know that I can hang my hat on a few of them and learn their full features. A perfect example would be while I was away, I had began to type these postings in word and then pasted them into the individual blogs. This let me conduct the assignments needed under the guidelines of time.

I hope to not be one of those people who are afraid to embrace the "net" culture, but I do not ever see myself as someone who will be fully immersed. I just don't fully desire to make my life so public & tied to the net. I don't say that as a slam, just have always been a really private person. Email/text messages as archaic as they are have been the two things I rely on most still in my career.

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