Sunday, February 21, 2010

Plaxo & Linkedln

Truthfully, I don't really think these are sites I will really utilize or . I just dont feel comfortable with either one of the sites. I would imagine that I will eliminate the accounts once the class has concluded. I just know what I like to use (personal web pages/facebook) and what I do not. This type of net-working site is just not something I think I can see myself using much of in the future.

Library Thing

This was a really cool site. I liked looking at all the different titles and comments that others make regarding the books. I also thought it was good that the site allows you to rate the books, leave comments, or just remain anonymous. It is another helpful site on the Internet that allows for users to control information they are or are not looking for. I like these sites best seems it always feels more useful when you can look for what you want to rather then the "suggestions" from a site operator.


It is pretty cool tht you can use online tools to make just about anything. I made this poster and thought it was pretty cool. I would reccommend this to any classroom teacher/parent/coach out there it was super easy. I just had to link it to my Flickr account and the rest was simple.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


The site was really easy to navigate. I am liking these more and more. I am finding myself thinking of more and more uses for them. Actually got to thinking and even discussed with our head coach that instead of scouting reports on paper maybe we could include and video and audio of our weekly opponents on a podcast. It has us looking into it, it would save our football program roughly $2,200.00 per season in printing costs. It would also allow us to generate the reports much earlier in the week allowing our athletes more time to listen & see the upcoming opponent.

One of my 2010 Recruits



This is one of the most useful sites out there. I specifically use it with recruits. Myself or any staff member can get to a computer regardless of where we are and discuss a potential film while separated from the office. I always request that recruits upload game film or highlights to the site. This prevents excess expense or timing issues on a recruits end. For me, it gives me almost no turnaround time to evaluate film and gives me an idea of whether or not that young man can play at the collegiate level. I am a huge huge fan of this site and rally utilize it almost daily.


This was a little more interesting than DELICIOUS. As the class has detailed there are a tremendous amount of blogs out on the net. This is a way to effectively search through numerous sites using keys. I can see how useful this would be especially when trying to locate specific information or even videos. I know that I could use this in some of my health classes to allow for students to locate information contained in various blogs regarding topics in class. This was a cool site and I see the potential in it.


This is an interesting tool. I think for me individually, I would not use this ever. I think that there are a lot of professions where this could be very useful especially in sales.

However, I fail to see the benefits as a football coach. This is overkill to me. I know what sites I use frequently and which ones I do not. I do not want even more shared websites. I am not a huge fan of these to begin with. I travel with my laptop so much that simply having my laptop allows me to use the traditional "favorites" feature in Windows Explorer. If for some reason I was unable to bring my laptop I could always write out a specific url if I knew I needed it. Sorry, just not sold on the usefulness of this 2.0 application.